About Us

ProCorps was established in Lexington, South Carolina, in 1997 by a small team of people with a background in business. From our own experience, we knew first hand of the difficulties owners and managers of small and medium sized businesses face day to day with running the company and at the same time providing employees the professional services and benefits larger companies offer - at an affordable price. We also knew, that even though disadvantaged due to size and resources, small companies could partner with a company such as ProCorps, that specializes in providing these services, and compete in the marketplace.


Not only can you improve the quality of life for you and your employees – you can also free yourself and your managers from duties that distract from the business of the company. This can improve your bottom line. When your company partners with ProCorps, you gain access to the expertise and capabilities of larger companies at a fraction of the cost. You don’t need a payroll department, benefits administrator, legal department or human resource management. You have the help you need when you need it without the full time expense. We provide a team of experts with years of experience in these areas and more. You concentrate on what your company does and leave the paperwork, administrative details and benefits administration to us.

Even though we have client companies across the US, we focus on the Southeast. When you call our number we want you to talk to a real person with the right answer. Last minute change to your payroll information? Talk to the person running payrolls and get it corrected. Is the government looking for tax information? Pass it to us and we’ll furnish the answers. Is there a question about how to terminate an employee without violating one of dozens of labor laws? Talk to the Human Resource expert. Most times we are able to respond immediately. Our job is to let you focus on what you do.

ProCorps is licensed through the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs. References are available on request.