Our Services

ProCorps, Inc., is a Payroll Management/Administrative Services/Benefits Administration/Human Resource specialist focusing on the Southeast. These functions and employer risk management pose an increasing challenge to today's business owners who need to focus on their bottom line.

Outsourcing payroll can result in several advantages. In addition to having your paychecks generated accurately and on time, you may be able to use one or more employees for other purposes such as debt collection, customer service or inventory management. You can be confident tax payments and other payroll obligations are transacted properly. ProCorps manages your payroll internally rather than through a third party. When you call our phone number you speak directly with the person who produced the check. No transfers from one department to another while you search for the answers you need. You simply tell us how many hours your people were on the job and we do the rest.

We don’t nickel and dime you either. Direct Deposit is no extra charge. Copies of W-2 are no extra charge. Payroll reports are no extra charge. Most of our business comes through referrals so our reputation is important.

Payroll Management includes the following:
Computing payroll, generating paychecks, offering direct deposit, federal withholding tax deposits, FICA tax deposits, state unemployment tax deposits, W-2’s & W-3’s, filing 941 & 940 reports, filing state unemployment reports, filing form 5500, reconciling payroll checks to payroll accounts if utilizing our bank accounts, corresponding with taxing authorities, computer software payroll checks & forms, processing changes to payroll status such as garnishments, child support, insurance deduction and changes to rate of pay.

Your company name is on the paycheck. We do the work.

ProCorps will make available to you and your employees a qualified and experienced Human Resource Management expert who can assist with employment concerns, labor law issues, career coaching and personal matters that may result in litigation, loss of morale, loss of productivity and/or poor customer service if left unresolved.

This service includes in part:
Off site record storage, assistance with customized employment guidelines and policy manual practices, employment forms and documents, assistance with federal and state employment regulations, required postings, documenting disciplinary actions, assistance with wrongful termination, wage & hour claims, unemployment claims, hearings and appeals, filing EEO Form 1 and more.

As with Payroll and Human Resources, our expertise in managing employee benefits can often result in better value for you and your employees. We will shop the market for the best rates, coverage etc., tailored to the kinds of benefits you want to offer. Or we’ll assist in managing your existing benefits. Either way, you have the advantage of partnering with someone who has experience with this important component of your employment package.

Some of the kinds of assistance we can provide in this area include:

Customized IRS Section 125 plan document and appendix with the associated 125 plan summary. Deduction authorization. Waiver of benefit. COBRA or State Continuation. Medical invoicing and payment to carrier. Eligibility tracking. New employee notification and assistance with general employee benefit questions.Major Medical, Dental, Disability and Life Insurance and assisting with setting up and managing your 401-k.

 Workers Compensation Insurance is a mandatory coverage for all but the smallest companies that can be easily misunderstood or mismanaged or both. The result could be a devastating increase in the cost of coverage. ProCorps will assist you in finding coverage at lowest cost then help you manage your workplace risks and claims to keep your cost of coverage low. We can shop for new coverage or we can assist in the administration of your current policy. Either way, when your payroll is integrated into our payroll system, your workers comp premium can be calculated and paid concurrent with each pay period. At the end of the year, there is no large discrepancy between forecast and actual payroll resulting in a large year end payment due. We handle all audits and you are not challenged with finding thousands of dollars in additional premium as a result of the audit. If desired, we can combine workers comp with your general liability, property and other commercial insurances which may further reduce your costs and simplify your record keeping.

We also provide services like Payroll Services.